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The Rodeo Ejaculating Sex Machine


The Rodeo Ejaculating Sex MachineThe Rodeo Ejaculating Sex MachineThe Rodeo Ejaculating Sex MachineThe Rodeo Ejaculating Sex MachineThe Rodeo Ejaculating Sex Machine
$899.00 $599.00
Rating: (16 reviews)

If you don't have a partner around to give you the sexual satisfaction that you desire, you can always find comfort in the Ejaculating Rodeo Machine. This fucking machine is a plush toy that offers the feeling of being hard fucked, but you can also get the sensation of orgasm as the included dildos have the ability to "cum" all over you.

After unpacking the machine, you'll find that it's a compact device that could be stored within a closet easily. Yet, when you're ready for a hot fuck, simply pull out the body and attach one of the two included dildos. Use the push button control to determine the speed of your choice (from 50 strokes per minute to 350 strokes per minute). When you're ready for a simultaneous climax feel press the button and the dildo will ejaculate in you or on you, depending on what you desire. So ladies hop on the Rodeo and ride, ride, ride...

Remote Use:

With the remote control you have absolute say over the speed you desire and the point at which the machine will ejaculate. The A and B buttons determine the speeds. You have 7 speed levels going from 50 strokes to 350 strokes per minute. When you're ready for the machine to ejaculate, just hit the C button. The D button simply starts or stops the dildo movement. This is ideal for anyone who wants hands-free sex or to have their partner control their pleasures from across a room.

Directions for Use:
  • Open the package, take out the main body and screw the dildo of your choice in.
  • Inject some lube through the injector hole on the actual body (not through the hole in the dildo).
  • Connect the adapter to the main body and insert the plug into the outlet.
  • Press the red button on the body to turn the machine on. Use the remote to control the speeds and press the C button when you're ready for the machine to ejaculate.

    Features and Specifications:

  • Main Body. It's made of Neoprene material.
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • One rabbit vibrator style dildo, measuring 5.5" in total length. It also has nubs for additional stimulation.
  • One smooth realistic dildo, measuring 5.25" in total length. It has a lifelike veins and cock head.
  • One injector syringe so you can place your favorite liquid into the dildos.
  • The machine offers a 60mm stroke length.
  • Powered by any US standard 110V AC outlet.
  • The machine measures 8" tall, 7.5" wide and 12" long.
  • Ideal for both vaginal and anal penetration.
  • Small compact size means you can place this machine in most storage places.
  • Model built for USA voltage only, we will not ship to the UK or Internationally.

    Shipping Notice: Due to the size of this product we cannot ship to P.O. Boxes.

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    Reviewed: Tuesday 07 July, 2015 by Anonymous

    Omg! This was for my girlfriend which she enjoyed way too much. I tried it! Just about lost my mind. I never been fucked in the ass. Holy shit! It felt really awesome. Makes me wither after a session on it. I think I came but can u? I am sold on this machine it delivers it right up you, and two speeds.

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    Reviewed: Friday 06 February, 2015 by Anonymous

    The "ejaculating" feature of this machine is great for lubing up mid-session. My sub can ride this for quite some time without getting chafed or dried out. The base also provides a nice cushion for his ass so his legs don't get too tired during use, and it's small enough to be able to stash in the closet or even in a drawer. The dildos aren't terribly large, but the size is perfect for us. Make sure to start out on the lowest setting and adjust slowly until you know what you (or your sub) can handle, as the top setting is quite fast and all the lube in the world won't save you if you're not prepared. The real fun part for me is the remote, as I can play with the controls from across the room and watch him squirm while I fuck myself with my vibrator. The only downside I can see is that this may not be big enough to stand up to a taller or heavier user.

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    Reviewed: Thursday 16 October, 2014 by Anonymous

    I like my sex toys way more than the next girl. I have an active sex life, so you can still have a partner, boyfriend, husband, and use this machine without shame. I had another machine before, sort of a gag gift. The set up took way too long and the comfort wasn't there. If you enjoy being on top, though you can adjust it to where your on all fours, it's great. Your butt gets cushioned compared to a lot of other machines where the comfort is just not there. Just a few tips. Don't let someone else take control of it until you know what you can handle, if you go up from 50 strokes on a minute to the 350 strokes a minute you will be walking funny. That comment is more directed to the bigger attachments. Before you go to one of the fast speeds, check the lube if you get my drift. The attraction for me that I found interesting was the fake ejaculation. I'm kind a of a sucker for that feeling, but it comes in handy for lucubration. It's actually a great idea, if you get tried out you don't have to go reaching for the bottle, but generally that isn't a problem but some materials that dildo's are made out of just dry you out. If you put the fake semen in the microwave for 45 seconds, but no more or it sort of burns, it's on the warm side. Test it with your finger before you fill it up. It provides that warm sensation. However I will point out the actual ejaculation isn't extremely powerful, but still fairly noticeable.

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    Reviewed: Sunday 14 July, 2013 by patricia jacob

    if my man ever cums before me i make sure he is fucked by this machine till i want ! he seems more submissive now.. well this one might squirt but i cnt slap it like i slam him hard when i feel his warmth in me. all in all a great fetish machine..

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    Reviewed: Monday 14 January, 2013 by Anonymous

    Fabulous machine, if you modify it slightly to use larger vaculock dildos. The tiny included dildo did not impress my wife. I cut away the rubber portion of the dildo. What was left was a the plastic knob that screws onto the device. Our vaculock dildos fit right on the knob. My wife rode a big one up her ass. The rpms of this machine are incredible. She screamed and deluged the room with squirt when she moved it to high. I lay down on the floor while she was humped over the machine drooling and whimpering and suggested she get off and ride me. She was open enough for two men. Have to remember that the next time. The hottest fucking machine (modified) we've ever owned. I purchased a nice strong satchel to travel with it.

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